Factory experience program

Experience the experience of getting to know one of the most modern agricultural pesticide factories in the world.

What is the Experiment Factory?

In order to Reimagine Brazilian Agriculture we have world class facilities. Our industrial park was built to meet the expectations of Reimagining Brazilian Agriculture and therefore stands out in the agricultural pesticide sector. The Experience Factory program was developed so that customers, students, researchers and partners can closely monitor the work done in a modern and prominent facility. In it, customers, students, researchers and partners can closely monitor the work done in a modern location and prominence in the sector. Through the program we have over 500 people visit our production areas each year being able to verify how the high quality of our products is achieved.

Latest visits

Here are some of our visitors who had the opportunity of visiting the most modern crop protection facilities in the world:

17-10 Ponto Rural

Usina São Martinho – 07/10/19

Afubra, Arla Cooperativa e Piovezan Agronegócios 13/09/19

AgroTerra, Camsul, Cotrisul e Semear Agro 12/09/19

Agro Mais, Bonanza Agrícola, JRPM, Cotriel, Coopeagri e Cotrijuc 11/09/19

Kombate Comercial Agrícola, Agro São Luiz e FertiSolo 10/09/19

CAMDA 06/09/2019

Equipe Mitsui 03/09/2019

Parceria Produtos Agrícolas 31/08/19

Parceria Produtos Agrícolas 31/08/19

Comercial Sul Paraná S/A Agropecuária 27/06/19

CGM Representação Comercial Ltda 11/06/19

Nativa Agronegócios Ltda 31/05/19

Fert Flora 06/05/19

Via Agrícola – 10/04/2019

Biosev 15/02/2019

Terrena Agropecuária Ltda 06/03/2019

Visita Secretaria de Defesa Agropecuária 19/12/2018

Hilda Andrea Loschi

Parceria Produtos Agrícolas

“High quality processes, competent professionals and committed at all stages of production”

Testimonial from our Partners

Osvaldo da Silveira


“A modern, organized factory, well-defined sectors and separate formulation units for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides”

Ederson Pilonetto

Nativa Agronegócios

“I was very impressed positively, well-defined processes and a very good structure”

Romualdo Gvadagnin


“A modern factory that demonstrates Ourofino’s care to develop a quality product with respect to environmental standards”

Marques Ricardo Rodrigues

Parceria Produtos Agrícola

“I am very impressed with all this technology that reinforces Ourofino’s commitment to delivering a quality product.”

Security Information

  • Always circulate on the sidewalk, cross the tracks and use the handrail on the stairs;
  • It is forbidden to run within our units;
  • Consumption of food and beverages is allowed only in the cafeteria, administrative sector and hearts;

  • The use of high or open shoes, acessories and sleeveless shirts is not allowed;
  • Strictly follow the instructions on the correct use of required PPE in each industry. The equipment is provided by your companion at the time of use;
  • Mobile phone use is permitted only with prior authorization from a supervisor. The appliance is prohibited in classified areas, i.e. at risk of explosion;
  • Respect the isolation areas for visitation, identified with lanes on the ground and keep an eye out for information on the signage signs and forklift traffic.