Reimagining Brazilian Agriculture

OUR PURPOSE to inspire a new era of development, productivity and growth, creating new possibilities for the challenges of Brazilian agriculture.

Our Purpose

One of the major global challenges of agriculture is to produce food for a population that has been growing rapidly in recent decades. Moreover, increase world food production is perhaps one of the great challenges of the world for the coming years. In this scenario, Brazil emerges with the potential to be one of the major players in world food production. Availability of land, high technology, among other characteristics set the country as one of the main producers and exporters of agricultural commodities in the world. For that to happen Brazilian farmers need to overcome major internal challenges so that they may position themselves once and for all as world players in food production. Therefore, it is necessary for the industry to reinvent itself, for instance it shall reimagine the way it performs agriculture to meet the challenges faced by it today. Thus, Ourofino emerges as a Brazilian company with over 30 years of experience in agribusiness, which has as its purpose to Reimagine Brazilian agriculture, thus contributing to the development of the sector and the country.


Developing new products and solutions based on the needs and characteristics of tropical agriculture, in the enhancement and better use of the knowledge developed by Brazilian agriculture research, with simplicity, fast answers and smaller impact.


Establishing close and transparent relationships based on our Brazilian origin and experience, going beyond commercial approaches, presents on grower’s daily activities, partners and agricultural communities, sharing knowledge, resources and building value.


Encouraging and promoting entrepreneurship, interaction and collaboration among members of the agricultural community, growing together and contributing for the recognition and the evolution of Brazilian agriculture.

Learn a little of our history

Our history is founded on the innovative DNA of its founders, Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari, current president and founding partner, respectively. From its name, a tribute to the mining district of Ouro Fino where both were raised, to the practical and efficient work style the reference of these two entrepreneurs who started the business trajectory in 1987 is still present.