Experimental Center

Ourofino counts on a modern Agronomic Experimental Center which is accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture for the performance of official field tests related to the registration of products.


Located in Guatapará, in the midlands of São Paulo, our Experimental Center has an area of over a thousand hectares. From the beginning of its operations in 2012, the Center received the accreditation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), for the performance of official field tests for the registration of products. With such accreditation, Ourofino Agrociência may issue economic viability reports, agronomic practicality, phytotoxicity and proof of efficiency for crop protection products. At the center, activities and projects aimed at teaching which involve growth, maintenance and use of vegetables, scientific research and development are performed. In the crop protection products area studies for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and adjuvants are performed in order to issue official reports with the objective of obtaining the registration for commercialization. The facility is equipped with technological structure which enables the simulation of edaphoclimatic conditions from various regions of the country, guaranteeing the development of solutions which will aid the work of Brazilian growers and guarantee more profitability to the business.


  • Rodovia Mário Mazieiro, Km 6.5, s/ número;


  • Near Guatapará (SP);


  • Privileged location, near the main research institutions in São Paulo such as Unesp, IAC and USP


  • Easy access to the main state highways;


  • Distance to the state capital is approximately 300 km (186 miles)


The property has an area of over one thousand hectares, with a complete structure for the study of innovative solutions, development of projects and partnerships, professional capacitation, besides the performance of researches and other agricultural activities. The structure of the experimental center was developed to supply all the needs of the activities involved in the testing of formulas counting on labs for assessment, offices, rooms for manipulation and calibration of the spraying equipment, rooms for the storage of commercial and experimental products and six vegetation houses. All of these factors have made Ourofino’s experimental center a reference among the kind in Brazil and enables Ourofino Agrociência to perform over 500 studies a year.

Besides developing differentiated formulations for the launching of a product, countless tests are performed in the experimental stations of Ourofino Agrociência, which are, at large, areas accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) for the conduction of research protocols which evaluate the performance and the behavior of elaborated crop protection products. The company has five places with this objective: two in Goiás, two in Paraná and the Experimental Station in Guatapará (SP). Whilst aiming at and achieving its main production standards, Ourofino maintains the objective of offering the best for the producer and for Brazilian agriculture thus contributing for the development of the sector.


Greenhouses with Climate and Humidity Control

Inaugurated in 2017, our greenhouse with climate and Humidity Control allows the performance of tests which simulate the edaphoclimatic conditions of many regions in Brazil.

Laboratory of Entomology

In the Entomology Lab we keep the main pests of agriculture used in the bio assays which serve as basis for the development of prototypes.

Experimentation Area

This structure is accredited by Inmetro* and certified by Mapa** for the performance of official field test for the registration of products.

Associate Institutions

In order to offer innovative solutions, based on the needs of Brazilian agriculture and which guarantee more profitability to growers, we count on state of the art equipment and with the support of renowned research centers and universities in the country.

UNESP – Jaboticabal (fcav.unesp.br)

UNESP – Botucatu (fca.unesp.br)

ESALQ – (esalq.usp.br)

UNICAMP – (unicamp.br)

IAC – Ribeirão Preto (iac.sp.gov.br)

*This project has the support of Studies and Projects Financing Institution (Finep)

* National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology

** Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply