Our History

Our history started with the vision and entrepeurneship of our founders, Mr. Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari. They are the ones who planted this dream and cultivated it so that Ourofino would reach the levels of excellence it currently has.

Our History

Our history is supported on the innovative DNA of its founders, Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari. From the choice of its name, a tribute to the district of Ouro Fino in Minas Gerais where both were raised, to the practical and efficient way they carry out their business, the reference for everything in the company is these entrepreneurs who started their company’s path in 1987, as the timeline below shows.


The founding partners, Norival and Jardel open their veterinary products distributing business.


Norival and Jardel decide to manufacture their own products. The first product with the brand Ourofino Saúde Animal is the renowned Trissulfin, a solution for poultry.


The department of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) which elevates the level of company’s businesses which in the future supports and brings know how to the other businesses.


The construction site of Ourofino Saúde Animal in Cravinhos starts to be put together.


Achievement: our president and founder, Norival Bonamichi, receives the prize Entrepreneur of the Year, promoted by Ernest & Young.


The headquarters of Ourofino Saúde Animal moves completely to the plant of Cravinhos.


Best place to Work: first year in which Ourofino is part of the pools carried out by Época Magazine and Guia Você S/A.


Important landmark: BNDESPar becomes a partner of Ourofino.


Start of the building of one of the most modern factories of crop protection products in the world, in Uberaba (MG).


End of the construction of what is today a global reference in the sector.


Eleve was our first product to be marketed, on August 19th.


Increase in the number of products in our portfolio through the release of various registrations.


The department of Research, development and Innovation starts its activities on the Experimental Farm, in Guatapará (SP).


Ourofino to the world! Our company inaugurates its Shangai office, in China.


Outsourcing businesses are intensified, making service providing an important part of our processes.


IPO: Ourofino Saúde Animal enters the Stock Exchange Market.


Norival Bonamichi figures among the 100 most influential personalities of Brazil, by Época magazine.


Separation of the holdings and capital investment by the founding partners (around BRL 150 million), boosting the work in the crop protection market,


Expansion of the factory with the building of warehouses and start of the building of the dispersible granules facility destined to herbicides.


Start of a new era for the company, with the definition of new purposes and future guidelines.


Announcement of the strategic partnership with the Japanese multinational companies Mitsui and ISK, strengthening the search for solutions adapted to the agriculture of the tropics.