AgroEncontro is an event organized by Ourofino Agrociência, along with partner companies of the sector, and aims to bring together professionals from different segments of Brazilian Agribusiness to present new technologies for agricultural production.

Our Factory

Privileged location; modern equipment; highly automated production process, focused on work safety; quality of processes; employees’ health and care for the environment.

Our History

The name is a tribute to the Ouro Fino mining district, where the founders, Norival Bonamichi and Jardel Massari, were raised. The practical and efficient work style has as a reference these two entrepreneurs, who started the business trajectory in 1987, as shown in the timeline below.

Reimagined Products

Ourofino Agrociência has as a purpose to Reimagine Brazilian agriculture. Thus, the company develops technologies based on the needs of the Brazilian agribusiness represented by our “Reimagined Products”. Visit and learn more.

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