Kairós ®

A Ourofino Agroscience product

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Registered crops:

Sugar cane
Sugar cane

Active Ingredients

Clomazone 400g/Kg, Hexazinone 100 g/Kg

Know Kairós ®

Kairos ® is a herbicide with systemic action, presented in the form of “wettable powder” to control weed weeds in pre-emergence in the culture of sugar cane, such as grass-mattress, grass-tick and several other grasses. Kairos ® has a high drought tolerance with a long residual, thus optimizing the sprayers during the harvest.

Mode of action of Kairós ®

This herbicide has a double mechanism of action. Hexazinone is a photosynthesis inhibitor and acts in the inhibition of the photosystem and electron transport, promoting a lipid peroxidation. The clomazone molecule is metabolized in the form of 5-keto, which is the active herbicide.

State restriction: see product leaflet.

Attention!This product is dangerous to environment, human and animal health. Read attentively and follow the instructions contained on labels, leaflets and prescriptions. Always use individual protection equipment. Inform yourself and perform integrated management of pests, resistance to diseases and weed.Always consult an agronomic engineer. Sales under agronomic prescription.

Dispose of packaging and product residue correctly.