MagnusBR ®

A Ourofino Agroscience product

Registered crops:

Sugar cane
Sugar cane

Active Ingredients

Hexazinone 800 g/kg

Know MagnusBR ®

Mode of action of MagnusBR ®

Hexazinone herbicide with high performance on draught and good compatibility in association with other herbicides in the control of weed with a broad period of control, optimizing thus sprays during harvest.

State restriction: see product leaflet.

Attention!This product is dangerous to environment, human and animal health. Read attentively and follow the instructions contained on labels, leaflets and prescriptions. Always use individual protection equipment. Inform yourself and perform integrated management of pests, resistance to diseases and weed.Always consult an agronomic engineer. Sales under agronomic prescription.

Dispose of packaging and product residue correctly.