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The protection that blocks the threat of asian rust.

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Know Pontual ®

Pontual® is a complete fungicide for the control and management of resistance to diseases that affect soybean crops, allying the protective effect of the multisite and preventive and healing effects of strobirulins and triazoles. It is the triple protection that blocks the threat of Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi). The fungicide Pontual ® is a reimagined product, developed for the Brazilian agriculture characteristics. All the product’s design process counted on the support of research institutions as UNESP from Botucatu, MT foundation, ABC foundation, Chapadão foundation, IPT (Technological Research Institute) and FAPA (Farming Agricultural Research Foundation).

Mode of action Pontual ®

The perfect interaction of the AIs promotes triple protection for the plant with protective, preventive and healing effects. Chlorothalonil acts as multisite, protecting the foliar surface against diseases. Azoxystrobin promotes preventive effects, avoiding the development of the fungi. Besides, Cyproconazole, on its turn, has healing action, penetrating the plant in a systemic way, aiding the control of the disease.

Mode de ação fungicida Pontual

Registered Crops


Main Targets

Asian rust
Asian rust

Active ingredients

Azoxistrobina + Ciproconazol + Clorotalonil

Product features of Pontual ®

Active Ingredient: azoxystrobin + cyproconazole + chlorothalonil Mode of action: azoxystrobin – fungicide inhibitor of complex III; Cyproconazole – C14 –   in the sterol biosynthesis; chlorothalonil – M05 – (FRAC Group).

Concentration: azoxystrobin (53,0 g i.a L-1), cyproconazole  (16,0 g i.a L -1), chlorothalonil (650,0 g i.a L -1)

Formulation: concentrated suspension  – (SC)


Technical Positioning (soybean)

Pontual ® fungicide may be applied in soybeans between the final vegetative phase and the start of the reproductive cycle of the plant.

Posicionamento técnico do fungicida Pontual

Controlled diseases and recommendations of use

Crop Diseases Recommendations Doses

asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi)

Start of the applications of V1 to R1 1,00 -1,50 L/ha.
soybean leaf spot (Septoria glycines) Preventive Application up to R2 1,50  L/ha.

Proven Efficiency

In partnership with different research institutions tenths of evaluations were performed in field conditions in the main agricultural regions of the country, with statistical evidence that prove the high performance of Pontual ® fungicide. 

Recommendations of application of Pontual ®

Posicionamento técnico no fungicida Pontual no manejo da soja

Results of Pontual ® in the management of diseases in soybean crops

See on the table below the performed treatments in soybean crops with Pontual ® fungicide.

Programas de aplicação do Pontual no manejo da cultura da soja

Pontual ® performance in the management of Asian rust

See in the graph bellow the results of Pontual® fungicide in treatments of asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi)

Performance do fungicida Pontual no manejo da ferrugem asiática

Productivity with the use of Pontual ®

See in the graph bellow the results of enhancement and productivity obtained with the use of Pontual® fungicide in the management of the resistance in the complex of soybean diseases.

Incremento de produtividade com o uso do fungicida Pontual

Attributes and Benefits of Pontual ®



Innovative and differentiated formulation with strobirulin, triazole and multisite;

High performance in the management of resistance of soy rust;

Protective, preventive and healing effect;

Exclusive surfactant complex system;

Photoprotection, adhesiveness and higher tolerance to rain after application;

High systemicity and translocation, resulting in high levels of control;

High selectivity; No damage and symptoms of phytotoxity resulting from the application;
Produced with the highest technology and with high purity and quality raw material. High quality of formulation, safety in applications and operational yield.

Techinical Content

folheto técnico inseticida goemon

State restriction: see product leaflet.

Attention!This product is dangerous to environment, human and animal health. Read attentively and follow the instructions contained on labels, leaflets and prescriptions. Always use individual protection equipment. Inform yourself and perform integrated management of pests, resistance to diseases and weed.Always consult an agronomic engineer. Sales under agronomic prescription.

Dispose of packaging and product residue correctly.