Trix ®

Optimal results and yields in the cane fields and industry

Proved Efficiency

The experimental results indicate that the product provides the accumulation of sucrose in the stem of sugarcane, from 15 days after application and maintains the accumulated increment up to 60 days after applied

Registered crops

Sugar cane
Sugar cane

Features and Benefits of Trix

Active Ingredient

Trinexapac- Ethyl


Please report. Do not risk your freedom. Say no to illegal pesticides.
For your protection, in respect of public health, environment and labor safety, do not use false or smuggled products, which is a criminal offense.

Reporting Agrochemicals number:

0800 940 7030


This product is dangerous to health, animals and environment. Read carefully and follow the instructions on the label, leaflet and prescription, and read it out loud to those who can’t. Always wear appropriate gowning. Never allow minors to use this product.


Know Trix ®

Trix® is a growth regulator that acts as a selective maturator, reducing the active gibberellin, temporarily reducing the vegetative growth of the plant without affecting the level of photosynthesis and the apical bud, ie, increasing and / or preserving the TRS levels (total recoverable sugar) and contributing to industrial gains.

Usage recommendations

Once applied, Trix ® is absorbed by the plant and starts to act selectively, by reducing the level of active gibberellin, inducing the plant to a temporary inhibition or reduction in growth rate, without affecting the process of photosynthesis and the integrity of the apical bud

Trix® can be used in the harvest of the early crop (application between February and April) and also in the final crop harvest (application between May and October)

** For more information visit the information leaflet at the bottom of the page.

Use of maturators in cane

The researcher at the IAC, the Campinas Agronomic Institute of the Sugar Cane Center, Carlos Alberto Azania, talks about the importance of using maturators in cane to increase and or maintain of TRS levels (total recoverable sugar) and industrial gains.